How to Use Cinema HD

Welcome to Cinema HD. Here we'll teach you how to effectively use Cinema HD to it's best abilities. You can use our app on any device including iOS, Android, PC, Smart TVs, PS4, Xbox One and more! Any device that has a web browser or an app for a web browser can use our app with ease.

IMPORTANT : We do not host ANY of the videos on Cinema HD. We simply index videos from around the internet to movie and episode titles. This means any advertisements, including pop up ads, that come from clicking play on the video sources, are not ours. If you do get a pop up ad when clicking on a video source, just close it, and the video will begin streaming. Make sure you are using a browser that allows pop up windows, or one that blocks pop ups completely.

1. You must use a browser that allows pop up windows or blocks them completely. Some of the video sources we use will open up 1 pop up advertisement when you click play, you'll just need to close it and go back to streaming. However, if you are using a browser that does not allow multiple browsing windows/tabs, videos that have a pop up ad will take you to an entirely new page each time you click play. Just make sure you are using a browser like chrome or safari, or find a browser that blocks pop up ads completely.

2. STREAM and DOWNLOAD are always advertisements. The buttons help fund Cinema HD but are not how you watch movies and TV series. If you are not registered you may see these buttons, but registered users will never see them. If you are not a registered user just remember to scroll down the the video on any movie or episode. If there is no video then the movie or episode is not currently available. Registered users or repeat users will see a 'Not Available' button.

3. Chromecasting is easy with Video TV Cast which works with any device. This is a web browser that allows chromecasting of all videos, is simple to use, and as a bonus blocks all pop up ads.

4. Airplay is available for videos on our site automatically, just click the Airplay button in the bottom right after you begin playing a video from any iOS device.

5. Registering for a Cinema HD account will give you less ads, give you an easy to use play button, and allow you access to features like My LIst, Continue Watching, and Watch it Again; as well as being able to rate episodes and mark what you've already watched.

6. Turn Cinema HD into an app! All you have to do is go to Cinema and 'Add to Homescreen'. There's no real difference between this and an actual application.

7. If a video isn't loading CHANGE THE SOURCE. The change source button is above the video and will have multiple options. Also the source '' has multiple sources within it at the top right of the video player.

8. You can download movies and TV episodes using the source 'Vidcloud'. Make sure the video you are playing is the Vidnode source and when you click play, at the bottom you will see a download icon near the right hand side. This will take you to a page where you can select which file/quality you'd like to download for that movie or episode.